The most famous radio station in our country is Radio România Actualităţi, which has over 4.5 million listeners daily, being the unofficial voice of the nation. On the 14th of June, I participated together with my colleagues from „Gr. Moisil” National College to an official visit of the headquarters of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company- informally referred to as Radio Romania, as part of the Erasmus+ project „On Air Together”. The visit was organized in an interactive way by Mr. Attila Stefan Ferenczy and Mrs. Ana Ioniță from Radio România, who made the tour for us and the our accompanying teacher, Ms. Iulia Perju, an interesting and thought-provoking experience.

We found out that during The First World War, this radio station heroically surpassed the dramatic episodes when they were attacked by the German and Russian soldiers, being forced to hide themselves in order not to interrupt the radio broadcast. For this episode not to happen again, the crew developed an own shifting mechanism.

Radio Romania is embedding 16 stations, that can be listened to in the most spoken languages and it has developed a site that selects and delivers the latest news on a wide variety of topics. Being in the subordination of the Parliament itself, this radio station is compelled to respect the laws imposed, risking to decrease the number of its listeners, especially the younger ones, as it has to distribute at least 30% cultural information, which is considered boring by the teenagers. As a solution to this issue, they created a radio channel dedicated to the easily bored listeners, but, from what we understood, the most loyal listeners are the ones that live in the country side.

Going on, we found located in two of the biggest studios that are named after famous Romanian actors, the radio theater which makes listening to the radio fairly intriguing.  Remarkable theater plays can be listened every day without even leaving the house! To make teenagers interested in the radio theater, the director Rusu Renata created a project in which students from different high schools come and record plays that are going to be heard by over a million of listeners.

Working in 3 shifts a day in the biggest studio from our country, Radio Romania Actualităţi is a conglomerate of different radio stations, with different target audience that gains every day more and more loyal listeners, offering them the latest news and the most important topics of each day, being the link between the people and the state institutions.